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Reviews on the Title: From the Pit to the Palace

Hi Abi. I just had to say THANK YOU for sharing your story with the world! What an awesome book! You have written from the heart and it is truly a God inspired work. I can't believe that you have been through all that and are still smiling - you are an inspiration!  Wow!! You can be proud of yourself on so many, many levels! AND GOD IS GREAT!!  I will be recommending your book to everyone I know! Xx


Oh my word Abi, what an amazing read!  Heart breaking, you left me in tears! You have to write your next book soon. I praise God for His mercy and Grace upon your life. I have been praying and will as always keep you in prayer whenever the Holy Spirit prompts me.  You are truly an incredible woman and I am so grateful our paths crossed.  Thank you for the encouragement of Ps 20 & 112 that you wrote in the front of my book. With much love xx


So I read your book....I couldn't put it down. You've done a great job Abs, so proud of you. Thank you for sharing your story, it will surely help many. Through your story people will know that there is a God. My faith in God was surely renewed. I sometimes underestimate his power and I make life's' challenges bigger than he is. You are the most faithful person I know, and now I know why...because of your life story I truly believe through him we can overcome .You have a gift and sharing his word and growing his kingdom is his plan for you.


Wow !!! I am blown away reading it. I'm so grateful that you actually wrote it thank GOD for your obedience ...this is a must buy. Let me get reading again... you have an amazing day God's richest blessing all of your days


You are such an inspiration! I’m so proud of you for writing your book!! Well done!!


Dear Ms Neilson I have written to you to commend you on your bookl "From the pit to the palace". I'm very hard to please when it comes to books but your story definitely left a permanent impression on my soul. I'm definitely more religious than I am spiritual! Because you reflect a true follower of Jesus Christ. I loved your story and, may I add, envy your conviction and overall trust of God's word. Maybe one day my direction, not intention, will determine my destination which is supposedly in the palace. Thank you. Yours truly 


I want to purchase another book for my friend is in the ministry I think I should bless her with a copy of The Pit to the Palace. Please keep me a copy if possible.


‘I found this book hard to put down. Abigail’s openness and honesty truly shows how God can transform a life. Even in a life filled with pain, God can bring redemption and healing. You cannot read this story that Abigail tells without being heartbroken. But it doesn’t end there; hope is brought into the story as she tells of her journey with God.  What an incredible witness to the power of an awesome God!’ 


I read your book it very up lifting thanks.


Abi you are truly the MOST inspirational woman I know. Your book is simply unbelievable and I cannot put it down. I am starting chapter 14. I cannot believe all you have been through and yet you look so healthy vibrant glowing pretty and you are always so positive and determined and energetic. God so loves you as His special child. You are indeed wonder woman. Bless you dear lady. 


Hi my sister. Love you loads!!!! Can’t put your book down. I read it and couldn't put it down. Finished reading it within hours and borrowed it to my friend who is reading it now. God bless. 


I love your book, it really is gripping and I could not put it down...only did so to make supper.  WOW. your story really touched me and I find you truly inspirational. I am blessed to have met  you. Love and blessings and lots of hugs and kisses.


Dear Abi.  Thank you for the lovely message last night. You really touched me. We can indeed be proud of what we have achieved in raising our children and in still looking after ourselves and being determined, brave and courageous women who wear a smile and a glow on our faces. You really uplift me and I salute you Abi I started the intro chapter of your book last night and was mesmerised by your incredible writing talent. It is so readable and I promise you that your writing is on a level with the top Christian writers I have read. Wow Abi!  What a unique woman of God you are. I am so pleased God has brought us back together again. Bless you my friend. Have an amazing day. Love Jen.  Xxx