Supporting the Ministry

My Dream and Vision:

  • To be a part of a crusade that will put an end to abuse in all it's forms
  • To take this true story of hope and healing nationally and internationally
  • Be propelled into a sustainable fulltime writing and motivational speaking career that will greatly enrich lives

 Your support will create awareness and help get this book into the hands of hurting people in need of inspiration for their journey of healing and restoration. Will you be a part of this  venture please, and  help me to live out the calling on my life to write and inspire people as I share my testimony and life experiences?

 A wise person once said "the richest place on earth is the graveyard", because so many people die, and are buried with their unused gifts and talents!  Your support will enable me to use my God given gifts and talents to leave behind a legacy pointing a hurting world to Jesus Christ our Living Hope!

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Past Campaigns

Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign - Live And In Need Of Your Support Please!

Greetings from Cape Town!

We trust that you are  well and blessed and that the joy of the Lord continues to be your strength!

I have some exciting news to share with you! Since the end of October 2016, we have been hard at work, putting together a Crowd Funding Campaign on the Indiegogo platform, which includes a video presentation! The aim of the campaign is to  get my book "Abigail Neilson: From the Pit to the Palace -  A Story of Redemption" published internationally through WestBow Press, a Division of Thomas Nelson.

I believe that in due course, this platform will propel me into a fulltime writing and public speaking career!  It will enable me to use the gifts and talents, which God has placed in me before the foundation of the world, for His Glory! Did you know that one of the richest places on earth is the graveyard? Because multitudes of people die and are buried without using their God given gifts and talents!

The idea came about after I read the book "Put Your Dream To The Test" by John C  Maxwell. I decided that if God is leading me in this direction, He has already prepared everything and I need only trust and obey!

Below is the link to the Indiegogo Campaign. Please will you help me by funding the campaign?  Your contribution (big or small) will go a long way towards helping me reach my goal. In return for your generosity, I will send you an eBook at the end of the campaign after I have received the funds from Indiegogo.  The campaign ends mid January 2017, so we essentially only have two weeks left to raise the funds!

Your support and help with sharing this campaign on your social media pages, with friends and family, and encouraging them to fund my campaign, will be much appreciated and very helpful in terms of me reaching my goal.

Thank you so much and I look forward to updating you soon!

Praying God's blessings over you and your loved as we come to the end 2016, and walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ in 2017 and beyond! Numbers 6 vs. 24-26 & Psalm 20 & 91.

God Bless