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I was incredibly blessed to have Abi as a host-mom when I travelled to South Africa as part of a volunteer teaching program in 2006. Abi is one of the strongest, most caring and true-to-her-values people I have ever met. For Abi, faith in God transformed her life and she lives true to His tenets of love and service every day. I was able to see Abi again in 2012 and I am so blessed to have her loving, positive presence in my life. I am so glad that she is sharing her inspiring story with others.

Annie Hirschhorn
B.A. History of Art, Yale University, 2008
M.E.T. (masters in effective teaching) candidate, Charles Sposato Graduate School of Education, USA

It was my joy to meet Abigail when we were ministering in South Africa. Through her gracious spirit of hospitality we were invited into her home for a meal and a delightful evening getting to know her and her extended family. The thing that stands out to me after all these years is that Abigail has a huge, compassionate heart for others and a joyful spirit. As she shared her life with us and some of her story, we realized that this was a woman full of zeal for Jesus and for people. Out of brokenness, she doesn’t just talk about doing something, but actively reaches out to others. What an example of someone who takes what has been her journey, her story, and finds ways to use that to build God’s Kingdom and bring hope and the path toward restoration and healing to everyone with whom she comes in contact.”

Barb Cline
Global Ambassador – Reaching Beyond (Formerly HCJB Global)

When you engage with Abigail, you will never imagine the challenges she had experienced in her life. She has this amazing inner-strength and yet she is humble and caring. Her unwavering faith is a great inspiration in my own life and her radiant smile is a true gift. Abigail, you are a gem. Thank you so much for sharing your story and, by doing so, helping others. God bless”

Dawnia Leibrandt
Independent Consultant

In 2007, during a trip to South Africa I had the privilege of staying with Abigail and her family. Abigail’s faith and relationship with God had a profound impact upon me and over time has only continued to astound and encourage me in my walk with God. Although Abigail’s life has not been one of ease, her faith in a sovereign God has led to a rich life of blessing.”

Katherine Mills
Bachelor of Nursing, Adelaide University, Australia

Abigail uses her Life experiences in testifying to God’s goodness and His mercy, in not only overcoming her dreadful past and experiences, but turning them around to help others to come out of the Pit and into the Palace of God’s Love and usefulness to Him. This book will encourage you that no situation, however seemingly difficult, is hopeless, but redeemable in Christ.

Rachel Leeman
Cape Town, South Africa

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